Our Team

Boris Emsheimer

Leveraging years of experience as a senior IT business analyst in top consulting firms like KPMG and PwC, our founder anchors Crossnode in the best IT management practices of the consulting industry. He also brings expertise in business process automation

Josef Erneker

Josef is Lead engineer and Full-Stack Software Engineer with expertise in Go, PHP, and Vue.js, specializing in microservices architecture for enterprise systems and datacenter management. He demonstrated exceptional team leadership and strategic planning in leading companies before joining Crossnode. Beyond technology, Josef is also a dedicated Chess Coach, fostering the game's love among young learners for over 15 years.

Guy Hawkins

Guy is our Agile project manager / SCRUM Master with expertise in Scrum methodology He led technological projects as a consultant in PWC. He is well versed in automation technologies and in the digital transformation strategy. He has an eye for details and efficient planning.

13 Team members

Crossnode is staffed with 13 other team members with various roles including developers, QA engineers, project officers and administrative assistants