Software Development

"How could you help us deliver or upgrade this system?"

We deliver tailor-made software products: We identify the scope of your project, we review together the possible outcomes and we plan the roadmap that best fits your needs. Based on that, we provide an end-to-end product delivery: from system analysis to user training

"Could you help us with the development?"

We build modules or entire enterprise systems for all kind of organizations. We deliver custom systems for financial monitoring, HR management, CRM, Procurement, stock management as well as other web-apps and dashboards. Our full-stack engineers possess battle-tested expertise and are eager to execute your next project

"What happens after the product delivery?"

We provide long term support services that are tailor-made for your needs. If you decide to undertake the future maintenance of the system, we deliver the project with a proper handover of maintenance kits and documentations. We will be available for direct support afterwards.

"What about the pricing?”

We are remote-first and cost efficient. We provide best-in-class software development services in a highly cost effective manner. Our remote-first working style enables for a cost effective and innovative resource management. We are taking advantage of our multi-location operation mode. Compared with our European counterparts, our pricing is highly competitive while offering the highest service quality.