About Us

We are a team of experts in digital strategy, software engineering, business process re-engineering, automation technologies.

We gained battle-tested expertise from working in / with world top firms, including big 4 consulting firms, namely PWC and KPMG.

We united in Cross-node to offer innovative consulting services. We close the gap between goals and actual results in a new way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the architects of change, building IT strategies that are sensitive to cultural nuances, designed for adaptability, and aligned with our clients' visions for growth.

Our team gained experience in

Our Values


We thrive in adapting ourselves to all kind of situations. We pivot and change our approach for every client instead of having a one size fits all approach.

Cultural awareness

At Crossnode we believe cultural understanding is at the cornertsone of a succesful product delivery. We believe international projects thrive on mutual understanding and collaboration, which is why we are ensuring that our solutions are culturally attuned and client-centered.


Our focus on transformative solutions stems from a belief that technology should unlock new potential, helping our clients to achieve—and exceed—their ambitions.