Process Automation

Business process automation?

We review your business processes: HR, accounting, supply chain, procurement or administrative processes. We identify pain points and bottlenecks that could be addressed by an automation solution.

Can a robot really help us do better?

According to academic research and industry reports, software bots using RPA or system integration can drastically improve the efficiency and reduce the error rate of repetitive processes. Identified automation opportunities can be addressed by our automation experts.

Would it disrupt existing processes?

Business process re-engineering is part of our expertise. With former automation consultants in our ranks, we are experienced in improving existing processes while maintaining cohesion with other processes, systems and with the organizational structure. We use tools, diagrams, modeling languages to best improve the business processes that could benefit from automation.

How to implement it?

We provide and end-to-end project delivery: ideation, development, testing, implementation and user training. Because human-machine interaction is key for the automation success, we bring an emphasis on the user experience and user training